Service Providers

LDANR provides this list to community members to help them reach local private tutors/coaches, but does not take any responsibility for the private tutor/coach. Many individuals contact LDANR and ask to let families know that they are a private tutor/coach in the area. Once we send this list you may contact the private tutors/coaches and make arrangements with them for tutoring/coaching. This is separate from LDANR programming and services.

Please contact the LDANR office at 905-641-1021 or programsLdan@cogeco.net for a list of registered psychologists.

Please email LDANiagara@cogeco.net for an updated list of available private tutors in Niagara.

Are you a private tutor, coach, learning strategist, etc. who would like to advertise on our site? If so, contact LDANiagara@cogeco.net to find out how!

The “We All Learn Differently” Organization

WALD is an organization dedicated to providing a supportive resource for students with learning disabilities and differences to openly share their experiences, express their concerns, and discuss the challenges they have overcome. Their goal is to bridge the gap between students with LDs and students without.

Watch and listen to students share their experiences with LD: http://thewald.org/

Learning Resources for Kids
Books by Sarah Greenall

Sarah Greenall has a background in Fine Art and Art Therapy. She teaches mindfulness and social skills to school aged children through the Learning Disabilities Association of Toronto District (LDATD) and has written two books on it.

Click here to read about Sarah Greenall’s work.  Her books are available through Blurb.ca.

ADHD Coach 

Tammy James, ADHD Coach and Psychoeducational Consultant, works with college and university students with ADHD and/or learning challenges to become more organized, focused and independent as they transition both into and out of post secondary education. Tammy has been employed within the post-secondary disabilities sector for over a decade and has worked extensively with young adults with Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD as both a Learning Disabilities Specialist and Disability Counsellor/Educator.

Click here to learn more about Tammy’s qualifications and experience with both ADHD and Learning Disabilities!

If interested in Tammy’s coaching services, you can contact her at coachme@positivelyadhd.ca


Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide resources and support to individuals who are affected by learning disabilities within the Niagara Region. We provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education and services, and advance the full participation in society of children, youth and adults with learning differences.

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