Post-Secondary Supports

General Post-Secondary Transition Planning Supports

Link: Ontario Post-Secondary Transition Resource Guide

It can be an overwhelming task researching all the colleges and universities that you’re interested in, but they’ve started the process for you! Here you will find lists of support services, campus accessibility, contact lists and more for every publicly funded post-secondary institution in Ontario.

Brock University

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Summer Transition Programs

  1. SMART Start Orientation

    Smart Start is Brock’s academic orientation program for all incoming first-year students. Smart Start students can meet with Student Accessibility Services by indicating that they have a disability and selecting the appropriate disability type on the registration form.

    SAS offers the opportunity to meet with staff to discuss services, and review accessibility and technology needs.

  2. Strategies Conference

    Strategies is a 2-day, workshop-based transition program designed specifically for students with a learning disability.

    Conference includes: overnight stay in residence, self-advocacy discussions, academic and time management strategies, introduction to assistive technology and how to use it, and an introduction to university teaching and learning elements.

  3. Mindful Transitions

    Mindful Transitions is a workshop-based program designed specifically for students with a disability to provide an introduction to university life.

    1 day program includes: tips for academic success, coping with stress and anxiety in the university environment, personalized campus tours; and an overview of Brock’s online student systems.

    2-day program includes: overnight stay in residence, self advocacy discussions, academic and time management strategies, an introduction to university teaching and learning elements, personalized campus tours, and coping with stress.

Other Programs

  • FITA – Personal Counselling Support

    From Intention to Action (FITA) is a counselling program run by Brock University, Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre. FITA, developed out of Carleton University, is a structured intervention that is geared towards assisting overwhelmed students cope with stress, study effectively, and maintain a healthy life balance. Within the program, students participate in a psychological assessment which evaluates their personal adjustment, personality, study habits and academic achievement. The assessment also screens for mental health concerns. Students are provided with a feedback session to review the results of the assessment and to develop a recommended plan of action. Subsequently, 12 weekly one-on-one, 1-hour meetings with a counsellor commence.

    FITA Counsellors can assist with: mental health concerns, learning strategies, time management, stress management, coping skills, educational planning, decreasing test anxiety and goal setting.

    FITA Application Form

Niagara College

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Roy Cooper Memorial Scholarship

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario offers a $1,000 scholarship award in memory of Roy V. Cooper, who volunteered for over 30 years as a board member of his local chapter in Ottawa, as a board member of LDAO and LDAC, and as a mentor to individuals with LD and/or their families in the areas of self-advocacy and assistive technology. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide resources and support to individuals who are affected by learning disabilities within the Niagara Region. We provide leadership in learning disabilities awareness, advocacy, research, education and services.

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