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Ages 6-11

ChalkwordsS.L.A.M. is a full-day summer learning camp for children with a diagnosed or suspected learning disability/ADHD.  At S.L.A.M., children spend half the day involved in literacy related games and activities (e.g., word hopscotch) and half the day on social skills and recreational activities (e.g., cooperative games, crafts, sports, swimming).

The instructors at S.L.A.M. are trained to support and guide children with learning difficulties. The adult to child ratio is typically very low with a maximum of ten (10) children and a minimum of two (2) trained staff at all times. Each child also receives some academic one-on-one support provided by an instructor every day. Each activity is also commonly supported by volunteers.

Please note we cannot provide one-on-one behavioural support. In order for each child to benefit from the program every child must be able to work in a group setting without demonstrating a need for one-on-one behavioural support. 

Program Coordinator: Emily Glencross | eglencross@Ldaniagara.org

Cost: Non-LDA Member Fee: $225 | LDA Member Fee: $175 

*Fees subject to change.

If you require financial assistance, please click here to complete and submit a program subsidy application.

Check back soon for summer 2020 details!

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What people are saying about S.L.A.M.:

I just wanted to give you feedback on the staff at the St. Catharines SLAM camp. They are WONDERFUL. I usually ask my son to rate his day at camp between one and ten […] yesterday my son rated SLAM a ten! It took a while for him to make a friend and get used to the set-up, but it seems now he is really loving it. The counsellors are fantastic with him – particularly Kate, Mike and Cherise. They monitor his feelings and respond accordingly […] I can’t say enough great things about this group so far. Thank you!” – S.L.A.M. Parent, Summer 2017

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide resources and support to individuals who are affected by learning disabilities within the Niagara Region. We provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education and services, and advance the full participation in society of children, youth and adults with learning differences.

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