Families needed for SickKids Research Study

Families needed for SickKids research study
on the genetics of reading disabilities

SUMMARY:  Families are needed for a research study at SickKids (the Hospital for Sick Children), which is investigating the genetic basis of reading disabilities.  We require the participation of families and their child(ren), age 6 to 16 years, who struggle with reading.  Parents will receive a report describing their child’s test results, which may be helpful in educational planning.  All testing will take place at SickKids in downtown Toronto.

Abundant evidence suggests that reading disabilities run in families and that both genetic and environmental factors influence the predisposition to struggle with reading.  The aim of this study is to identify genes that may contribute to reading disabilities by examining genes that are thought to be involved in the biological basis of reading.   We will also investigate the genetics of associated skills including language, spelling, math, attention, and working memory.

Study participation involves:

  • One full day of psycho-educational testing for the child and a half-day of interviews and testing with parents, all of which takes place on the same day, at SickKids.
  • We also require a small blood sample from parents and child, taken during the visit by trained experts in our Phlebotomy Department.
  • Following participation, parents will receive a detailed report describing their child’s test results, which may be helpful in the educational planning for the child.

Results from the study may improve the understanding of which genes and underlying mechanisms are involved in reading disabilities.  The research is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.For more information, contact the study manager, Kirsten Blokland:
416-813-8207, or kirsten.blokland@sickkids.ca

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This opportunity is seperate from LDA-Niagara Region; please contact the individual listed on the page provided.

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