My son has participated in Reading Rocks over 3 times and has always had a very enjoyable learning experience. He gains so much confidence in his reading skills each session.

- 2016 (Reading Rocks - Parent)

I have never seen [my son] be so excited to attend any learning program. Not only was he excited, but he would talk about what he was going to do and learn the next time he comes to “visit” [his tutor]. I cannot express the gratitude I have to Reading Rocks for not only giving [my son] a great experience, but helping him succeed in his reading goals in a fun and exciting manner.

- 2016 (Reading Rocks - Parent)

What I observed [from the program] was children connecting with each other; children being taught that they have many strengths to share and children being valued for their unique learning styles.

- St. Catharines, 2013 (B.E.S.T. - Parent)

SLAM is an amazing program! The staff and volunteers are wonderful. I like that there is a very low staff to child ratio so [my child] definitely gets personalized attention. This does not happen at other summer camps. We have noticed [his] literacy has improved after 2 weeks at SLAM! Keep up the AMAZING work!

- 2016 (S.L.A.M. - Parent)

We absolutely love the S.L.A.M. program. We can really see the improvement in such a short term period. To see the excitement and eagerness to read is very rewarding. This program has definitely boosted her confidence and encouraged her to push her limits. It is also very great to see how much the leaders take pride in my child’s progress and how excited they are with her progress. We love the one on one dedication and support.

- 2015 (S.L.A.M. - Parent)

[He] continues to show improvements in his decoding and fluency when reading. Previously he was very choppy when reading. [He] is much more confident and does not get frustrated as easy anymore. He also works to decode a word longer before seeing assistance.

- 2016, Teacher

I LOVE Reading Rocks for my students with reading difficulties because I notice a significant improvement in their confidence and their abilities. It also gives them additional one-on-one support beyond what I’m doing in the classroom.

- 2016, Teacher

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