My daughter’s reading ability is getting closer to grade level. She is gaining confidence as a result of this program! We have seen a significant improvement in our daughter's ability to read through participation in Let's Read and Reading Rocks. This improvement is now showing in our daughter's report card.

- 2018 (Reading Rocks - Parent)

The program makes learning fun - my son enjoys going and I would definitely recommend it to friends needing help. He’s working on grade level sight words for the first time in a very long time. It’s been a great experience!

- 2018 (Reading Rocks - Parent)

[My son's] first day I fought with him to go, the staff are so patient with the kids he had his fit and then was fine for the rest of the class. He is participating more with the games and feels included. At school he is more confident in answering questions and is trying more. He is still uneasy about silent reading time but on the better note he actually told me he wasn’t comfortable with it before he wouldn’t say anything. I’m so very proud of him he has come a long way this year and part of that is because of this great program. Thank you

- 2019 (Let's R.E.A.D - Parent)

[My son] is very much enjoying the program and his dad and I are encouraged by his progress. I'm very thankful for the program and that he has been admitted to it. We did over a year and half of Kumon before [He] was diagnosed with his LD and honestly, we saw more results from the first half of his first Reading Rocks session! He really enjoys the one on one learning with the same tutor each session. It's truly wonderful to see him learn and see how the tutor develops and learns over the session as well. This program is a win-win for sure

- 2019 (Reading Rocks - Parent)

We are very happy with Reading Rocks. My son has improved 5 reading levels at school and his teacher is also impressed! We have gone from tears at homework time to his near complete independence. What use to take him 3 day of struggles he now completes on one morning of the weekend before we start the day! The activities that he is engaged in truly inspire him. His tutor has gone to the effort of discussing his interests and tailoring the lessons according to his tastes. This program is such a valuable asset to our community. I also believe the tutors’ passion and commitment are reflected in the relationship they build with the students which is essential to the learning process

- 2019 (Reading Rocks - Parent)

SLAM is such an amazing program! My son loves SLAM and it’s the only camp he wants to attend this summer which is such a blessing since he needs this program and it helps him so much. The instructors have been so kind, supportive and engaging. I am so thankful this program is available.

- 2018 (S.L.A.M - Parent)

My son loved B.E.S.T! He loved seeing his friends and the positive outcomes of managing his emotions.  He really enjoyed the connections that he made with the staff as well as the other kids.

- 2018 (B.E.S.T - Parent)

Thank you to all the instructors. They are helpful, knowledgeable, friendly, happy, and welcoming. They believe in your child. This program has helped my grandson to achieve his goal of being able to read. The instructors have such patience and truly believe in the child. This was such a positive experience for [my grandson] and I. I want to say thank you for making it wonderful. He can read!

- 2019 (Reading Rocks Junior - Grandparent

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