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Volunteers of the Month

We would like to thank all of our fantastic volunteers for their support towards working for “the right to learn, the power to achieve”! The LDANR would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of all of our volunteers. Some of our volunteers demonstrate an extra level of dedication that inspires us, and everyone surrounding them. Every month, the LDANR recognizes one outstanding volunteer. They will remain on our website and be featured in our newsletter. Congratulations on your extraordinary efforts!

“The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.”
March 2017: Shirley Gilmour
February 2017: Gavin Martin
January 2017: Steve Karnay
December 2016: Kate Monteith
November 2016: Jessica Dukic
October 2016: Chelsea Williamson
September 2016: Vasuki Manickavasagar
August 2016: Simon Marion
July 2016: Carol Anne Diguer
June 2016: Hayley Tonner
May 2016: Karen Ferrelli
April 2016: Jacob Murre
March 2016: Kelsey Ykema
February 2016: Brandi Saunders
January 2016: Kenneth Lu

Watch our Appreciation Event 2016 video recognizing our volunteers!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide resources and support to individuals who are affected by learning disabilities within the Niagara Region. We provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education and services, and advance the full participation in society of children, youth and adults with learning differences.

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